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Miro is a leading collaborative whiteboarding solution. Where distributed teams get work done. Together, online. The work that's listed below was done in close collaboration with my fellow Mironeers. Go to Miro

    • Platform Experience

      As a core member of the Platform stream in Miro I care deeply about Developer Experience, App Experience, API & SDK Experience. Listed below you can see some of the honorable mentions where I collaborate and contribute to.

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    • Design system & Accessibility

      System design is something I always find interesting and challenging because of the multilayer complexity it gives to the design discipline. Design system in miro started as a initiative and grew to a way of working. This topology diagram is trying to communicate a vision of how a design system can fit in the organisational structure in product development.

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    • Side projects

      I like exploring the area and the product in depth, what I really love out of it is the journey where you learn and you also contribute to the bigger purpose. Some of the sideprojects became actual iniatiaves and projects and this makes me so happy.

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